Microfiction two sentence stories: Love at First Sight

I can't stop thinking about you. All it took was one look.

Note: I honestly just felt like doing something a little romantic. I was inspired just by how all it takes is one look to be interested in someone and want to know them further. Microfictions are almost like writing short poems. That's what it felt like to me, at least. I hope my first one wasn't too terrible!

Reading Notes: Bidpai Part B

The Hare, the Fox, and the Wolf
A hungry wolf was passing through a wood when he ran across a Hare sitting up on her hind legs by an Oak tree. He was about to make her his prey when she spoke suddenly.

"Sir wolf I know you are hungry but before you devour me I ask you to think of my size and see that I am just a snack for your highness. There is a fox who is so fat that he can barely walk. If you eat him you will surely satisfy your hunger.  If it pleases you I will entice him out of his hole and if he seems fine for you to eat then you can devour him."

The wolf was convinced by her words and told her to proceed with her plan.
she told the wolf to remain outside while she went in.

The rabbit thought to herself " Ah! I am free from the wolf and I will also have revenge on the Foc who chases me all the time."

When she approached the fox the fox acted courteous to her and asked her what fortune brought her there. 

" only the desire to see you worship. There is als…

Reading Notes: Bidpai Part A The King, the Falcon, and the Drinking-Cup,

 The King, the Falcon, and the Drinking-Cup
There once was a king who liked hunting very much. The king had a falcon which he valued as one of his most precious treasures. The king valued this falcon so much he fed it himself from his own hand and the falcon would be carried on the king's wrist during hunts.

One day when the king and his court were on a hunt a deer crossed their paths and the king started to pursue him. The rest of the court could not keep up with the king's speed and the king somehow became separated from the group completely and could not conquer the deer.
The king became hot and thirsty from his pursuit and he got off his horse and went in search of some water. After a long time, he encountered a hill with a small stream trickling down over the rocks. The king pulled a drinking cup from his sash and set it in under the stream until the cup was filled with water.

When the king raised the cup to his lips to drink the hawk swooped over and knocked the cup out…

Week 5 Story: The Beast's Fate

There once was a man who had a son. He loved his son very much for it was his only child. This man once walked in the park with his young son and a mysterious old man came up to them the man and said: " I have seen  your son's future and I am here to tell you that your son is fated to be torn into pieces by a beast."
At first, the man could not believe this, how could someone say something like this? He did not believe in fortune telling but the old man words resounded in his head. As the days went on the words of his son's fate only grew louder and louder. As he watched his young boy, the most precious gift in his life he became frightened. " I must protect him no matter what" the man thought to himself holding his little boy tightly in his arms.
From that day on the man vowed to never let his son leave the house and he would have everything he ever needed there. The man wealthy, so he hired tutors for his son to learn and not miss his education.Every day …

Reading notes:Arabian nights Aladdin, Part B

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp 1
There once was a poor tailor, who had a son called Aladdin. Aladdin was careless and lazy by who would do nothing but play all day long in the streets with boys just like him. This saddened the father that he died. Even though this tragic event brought many tears to his mother, he did not change his ways.

One day Aladdin went about what he normally does, playing in the streets. A man then approached him and asked him his age and if he was the son of the tailor Mustapha.

" I am the son of Mustapha, although he passed away a long ago."

This man was a famous African Magician and he embraced Aladdin and kiss him. He then said " I am your uncle and recognized you because you resemble my brother so much. Go to your mother and tell her I am here and will go visit."

Aladdin ran home and told his mother of his uncle.

Yes, Aladdin it is true your father had a brother but I always thought he was dead/" replied his mother.

Despite this, sh…

Storybook Plan

I got a bit carried away! I sort of told the story as it was coming to me!

El Salvador 


I think I have decided to have 2 children as the protagonist. In this story, the children will somehow get lost or lured in the forest and have different encounters with the spirits. The introduction will be one of the children much older telling his/her story of that night to his/her children or grandchildren. The introduction will include the background information of each of the entities and their origin stories.
most of the background information can be found here: El Salvador Legends

First Encounter
La Llorona
Background: She is a young woman who is hurt by her husband's incessant infidelity.  Despite his betrayal towards her, he loved his children that he had with her very much and she saw that. Feeling no love from her husband and in an act of blind rage, she drowned her two children. Realizing what she did she drowns herself but is not accepted into heaven for her actions…

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