Reading Notes: SW/ CA The Theft of Fire, Part A

The Theft of Fire
There was no fire on earth so the karoks were cold and miserable. Deep in the lands of the east, hidden within a treasure box, that was where the fire was. Kareya made fire and given to two old hags, so the Karoks couldn't steal it. Coyote decided to help the Indians and steal fire.

Coyote summoned a council of the animals and after the council, he stationed a line from the land of the Karoks to the distant land where the fire was kept. The lion was nearest to the land of fire, and frog was nearest to the Karok land. The lion was the strongest among the animals and frog was the weakest among them. The other animals took their place according to the power given to them by man.

The Coyote took an Indian with him to accompany him and went to the top of the hill, but he hid the Indian under the hill. Coyote went to the tepee of the hags.

" Good evening." , He said
They replied, "Good evening."

Coyote then replied, " It is cold out here. Can yo…

Microfiction: Enjoy Lifes Pleasures

MIcrofiction: two-sentence stories

Enjoy Lifes Pleasures 

I throw my phone on my bed, tired of screens all the time. I look out the window and think, "It really would be nice to enjoy this weather with my friends."

Note: I'm
sure everyone is impacted because of what its happening in the world right now. It just made me think of how little I personally appreciated all the things we can do. It gave me a little more perspective on what we have in nature and how much we need to take care of our home and each other. 

Reading Notes: The Fairy Bride, Part B

Bibliography: This story is part of the American Indian Fairy Tales unit. Story source: American Indian Fairy Tales by W.T. Larned, with illustrations by John Rae (1921).

Once there was a beautiful girl Neen-I-zu, the only daughter of an Indian chief who lived on the of the Lake Superior. Neen-I-zu mean "My Dear Life." It was plain that her parents loved her very much and did everything that they could do to make her happy and protect her from danger.

There was one thing that made them worried. Neen-i-zu was a favorite with the other young girls of the village and joined them in their play.  Her favorite moments were when she got time for herself and walked in the forest or to follow some dim trail that led to the heart of the small hills. Sometimes she would go off on herself by herself for many hours and when she returned, her eyes had the look of one who has dwelt in the secret places and seen things strange and mysterious.  Some people would call her "romantic.&quo…

Reading Notes: American Indian Lagoo, the story-teller, Part A

Bibliography: This story is part of the American Indian Fairy Tales unit. Story source: American Indian Fairy Tales by W.T. Larned, with illustrations by John Rae (1921).

There never was anyone who was so wise and knowing as Lagoo, the wise old man. No other Indian is known to exist who has seen or heard more than Lagoo. He was so wise he knew the secrets of the woods and fields and understood the language of birds and beasts.  His whole life he had lived outdoors, he would wonder deep in the forest where the deer would hide. He also would skim the waters of the lake in his birch-bark canoe. He knew much more than that what he solely knew on his own. He knew the stories that his grandfather would tell him that he learned from his grandfather, and so on. His grandfather would tell him the fairy tales and the wonder stories and he knew every word. These stories have been passed down from generation to generation since when the world was young, strange, and there was magic in nearly ever…

More Brer Rabbit: Mr. Fox goes A-Hunting , Part B

More Brer Rabbit: Mr.Fox Goes A-Hunting
After Brer Fox heard about what Brer Rabbit had done to Brer Wolf, he pondered it and thought to leave Brer Rabbit alone. They would always see each other and there were so many instances when Brer Fox could have grabbed Brer Rabbit, but then he thought of Brer Wolf and he would change his mind and leave him alone.

Slowly they became familiar with each other. So familiar that they Brer Fox would invite Brer Rabbit to sit and smoke their pipes, like if they never had their differences.
One day Brer Fox asked Brer Rabbit to go hunting with him. Brer Rabbit felt lazy and told Brer Fox he had other things to do.

Brer Fox felt sorry but he thought at least he tried. He was gone all day, and he had great luck, he bagged a sight of game.

Brer rabbit would always stretch laid out under a tree, it was always when Brer Fox was heading home. Then Brer Rabbit he went and mounted a stump to see if he could hear Brer Fox coming. He wasn't waiting very lon…

Reading notes: More Brer Rabbit, part A

once upon a time, Mr. man had a garden so beautiful all the neighbors would come and see it.  some would look over the fence, some through the cracks, and some would go and look at it by the light of the stars. One of the creatures that would go look at it was Brer Rabbit.  when morning came he was always out and about.

Brer rabbit would be tempted by the planted vegetables and he would creep through the cracks of the fence and eat them. He would eat the vegetables and leave his tracks behind, this was especially apparent after rain.

The man Gardner went to his garden and noticed there were vegetables missing of different types in areas of his garden and he would wonder why they went missing.

He looked around and found brer rabbits tracks and what he couldn't take with him. Brer rabbit tracks were noticeable because he would leave his shoes and go to the garden barefoot.

the Garder called his dogs, Buck, Blue, and Brinjer, and had them sniff the tracks and off they went to find Br…

week 8 comments and feedback

overall I feel like the comments I have been receiving have been helpful, respectful, and kind. I find it most useful when people suggest ways I can improve my writing or give ideas for alternative routes. I also appreciate grammatical corrections because I tend to struggle with those.

I feel like the feedback I have been giving has been okay. There is still room for improvement and adjusting to giving feedback. Sometimes I feel bad suggesting something but I am definitely getting better! I think the best area where I give feedback is suggesting alternative paths to take in a story. The feedback I receive and also see in other people's walls have helped me to correct some of my own mistakes and catch the same corrections in other people's work.

 I enjoy blog comments! I do feel like I am starting to recognize people and connect with them. I think my introduction is fine and I hope people enjoy reading my stories!